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e-Learning for kids is gaining in popularity and with good reason. e-Learning for young chi8ldren is effective and has immediate benefits, such as boosting a child’s confidence level and allowing him/her to work on the computer like older siblings and parents.  Emulation goes a long way in helping young children feel like they are a part of the family’s everyday life.  Each week ABC Preschool Online and present free educational eBooks for Preschool and Kindergarten children.


Building Cognitive Skills eBook for Kids
Learning to Read – eBook for Kids
Preschool Game eBook for Kids
Conflict Resolution eBook for Kids
Beginning Subtraction for PS/Kindergarten eBook for Kids
Multicultural Travel Adventure for Children eBook for Kids


Conflict Resolution for children helps children to understand different ways to resolve a conflict.  The jungle animals only have one water hole and all of the animals need water.  In the beginning, the animals fight over who can drink from the waterhole.l  Mr. Lyon calls a meeting and the matter is discussed, but not without conflict.  Finally, the animals all decide on a plan, but forget to include one group of animals.


It doesn’t take long before the animals decide on a plan which includes ALL the animals.


The truth is, there will never be peace in the jungle, yet this enlightening book helps children understand the process of conflict resolution.


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