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Free Starting 2/27 to March 3, 12 Midnight  If you’re a one-person startup, you already understand the issue of having to do 50 things at once in order to grow your business. Science is now proving that multitasking isn’t as great as we thought.  When it comes to Internet Marketing for one person start-ups, automation is one of the best and only ways to accomplish the many tasks needed for success.

Book Promo until 3/3 12 Midnight

The book Internet Marketing Automation for One Person Startups helps website owners to accomplish more in less time, and with less cash outgo.  In paperback and Kindle.  On free promotion, this week, February 27th to March 3rd, otherwise free with Kindle Unlimited or $4.95

You can now become a Certified Drone Pilot With the FAA starting at age 16, according to the new law.  Not difficult at all.  Tips on becoming a drone pilot for pay is included, plus how to pass a summary of the FAA testing and tips on how to pass.  Easier than you think.  Wide open income opportunity for the right persons.

On any day you can go here to find the top free Kindle “How To” books on Amazon.  The variety is amazing and full of books with great advice and information.

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