Tips on Eliminating Depression and Passing Thoughts of Suside

Tips on Eliminating Depression and Passing Thoughts of Suside

If it was 50 years ago before the Internet and the advancement of the human race, technology, and medicine, my grandmother would have said, “Child you just done crossed the ape.  You done crossed your beginning, that’s why Jesus was born, to help you.  Find Jesus, find Jesus.”
I’m not a medical doctor nor do I have a degree in psychology, or am I a religious fanatic, but it makes good sense to me.   I must confess, I looked everywhere for Jesus and couldn’t find him.  Then one day I looked inside and damn it, I didn’t find a connection to the Universe.  I wonder if that’s Jesus?
The other side of the family were American Indians.  This side of the family looked at things a little differently.  When impure thoughts visited the mind, you were encouraged to go far away from the tent and eliminate the waste from your body.  I guess what they believed is, when you’re full of sh__, you have impure thoughts.
Makes sense to me.
I enjoy the life of being half of one and half of the other, it’s like being the best of two worlds instead of just one.   Remember if thoughts of depression and suicide continue, seek out professional help.  There is a strong possibility there could be a chemical imbalance.  No this doesn’t mean you’re insane, it just means you may need medication to help balance certain chemicals in the body.

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