Today, Free #qlhr Quick Lunch Hour Read, It Started With a Kiss

Today, Free #qlhr Quick Lunch Hour Read, It Started With a Kiss

Download Free Today 3/30/2015 on Amazon; 75 Reviews 4 Star Rating

It Started With A Kiss by Lindy Dale

Reviewed by Book Worms

I was given this book as an ARC for an honest review.
I gave this book 5 stars.

This is a very short book only 66 pages. I am usually not a short book kinda person, I like to have tons of details and I like my books to be on the longer side. That being said, this is definitely a great read. I just finished two books back to back that literally tore out my heart. And I was looking for something light and sweet, and just plain amazing. And I found it. This book is full of very detailed memories and things that are happening in the now, the Author did a spectacular job of giving the details that we needed to enjoy this story.

This is Georgie and Nate’s story.
Georgie is jogging in the park when a few things happen to her, which I found to be quite funny. And then all of a sudden who jogs up next to her? Nate her first love who she has not seen in 12 years. It brings back all the memories that they have shared since they were 8 years old, when they first met over him telling her how he missed school because he had the chicken pox and then they started to show each other their scars it was just too cute, from that point on the duo were inseparable, they did everything together. They were best friends. Up until they were 17 years old they never parted. Now in the future when they sit and have coffee and reminisce about old times, is it going to be closure for both of them that they have needed all these years? Or is it going to be the start of something  that never should have ended? 78 pages; short read; romance; 4 star review; over 70 reviews;

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