Today’s Free #qlhr 68 Pages Mystery First Grin at Midnight

Today’s Free #qlhr 68 Pages Mystery First Grin at Midnight

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Mystery: First Grin At Midnight

(Free With Kindle Unlimited; 99 cents Other wise)

Ben Harrington lives a quiet and secluded life in small coastal town in Maine. Haunted by memories from the war in Vietnam, he walks in constant fear of many horrible secrets living inside of him—secrets that are connected to five vicious killers known as the ‘Five Clowns’. Ben knows each of the five clowns personally because he served with each man in Vietnam. Even worse, he trained each man to become a skilled killer. 

However, while in Vietnam the men Ben trained to defeat the enemy become ruthless killers, slaughtering the enemy and innocent alike without mercy or conscience. Understanding that a monster had awakened in each man, the same monster living inside of him, Ben watches innocent people brutally murdered—murders that would haunt his mind and heart without rest. 

Set on a difficult path filled with guilt, duty, and a tortured soul, Ben struggles to find a way to save five young soldiers he trained to become killers and kill the monster they become, while fighting against the monster still living inside of him. Forced to face the ‘Five Clowns’, Ben walks through a dark door filled with horrible screams and blood filled nightmares that threaten to destroy his soul. 

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