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Don’t Turn On The Light: The short story by Max China

Reviewed by: P.S. Winn

I really loved this short story and know that I will have to purchase Max China’s novel! I loved the writing style and the story lines. Frank and Sheeley get a great bargain on a house, unfortunately for Frank, he finds out right after they move in why the price was so good. Great idea and great short story, can’t wait to read other titles by max China.

Reviewed by: Georgia Rose

Excellently written, this is a little gem of a story. China’s detailed descriptions draw you in as the tension builds, skilfully making you feel for Frank even though you’ve only just met him. This is the sort of storytelling I love and I look forward to reading The Sister.

This short read will surely serve as a delightful diversion. Don’t Turn On The Light: The short story. 4 star rating; 16 pages; short read; mystery

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