Today’s Free #qlhr Groupie by Michelle Kendrick, Romantic Comedy

Today’s Free #qlhr Groupie by Michelle Kendrick, Romantic Comedy

Free Download Today 04/06/2015

Groupie by Michelle Kendrick

Reviewer:  Becca Hugh

I really enjoyed Leah as a character. I thought she had a very strong personality and I liked that she had a career in journalism. I really enjoyed her level-headedness about what she wanted in life. When a budding romance develops between her and a man from a very different walk of life, the story gets really interesting. I found Leah and Edward’s romantic encounters to be sexy, genuine, and engaging enough to keep me reading till the end. This is the first book I’ve read by Michelle Kendrick, but it sounds like she’s making quite the name for herself as an author. Since I read and enjoyed ‘Groupie’ so much, I think I’ll have to try out her other book; 71 pages; 1 5 star rating from high level reviewer.  Click on the image to download.


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