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Living It Up in Fiddly Falls by Brenda CoulterĀ 

Inspirational Fiction, Comedy; 59 Pages;4.5 Stars; Over 90 Reviews

By Patricia S. Burgess on June 20, 2014

This is really a short story and it is hilarious. While the setting is not where I live, I do believe that each of these characters is modeled for someone I know. The community is small, the family connections are intricate and date back to the founding of the town, and the folkways and mores are very specific. Even the name of the town, Fiddly Falls, evokes a smile and a hint as to what is in store. Each character in the work is complete and there is little effort to over draw or not tell you enough. Rather, you are told enough to see that person yourself and even hear that voice. The primary character gives us insight into her own life as she gives a rambling answer to a question which is hilarious. If you have a senior citizen lady in your acquaintance, especially if she is in the South, you will NEED to read this work. You will be amused, I promise.

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