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Perfect Crime by Jack Erickson

Nice Short Story

Reviewer Michael Gallagher  Top 50 Reviewer

When you think about a short story, the author has to be pretty good to capture your imagination and get you involved with either the characters or plot due to the limited of nature of words he or she has with these parameters. Jack Erickson does a good job of that, as I found myself able to quickly get into it and realized my heart rate increased a little bit as the action heated up, and I actually started rooting for the main character. The author has a nice writing style and this is a nice quick read, say for about 10 minutes, where you can read something good over your lunch break.

Without a spoiler, I will say there is also a nice little twist at the end I thought was a nice add. Thinking back on this short story, this really could be a full-length novel.

I’m looking forward to reading more from the author!  Over 900 reviews 3.5 Rating;38 pages

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