Today’s Free #qlhr Quick Lunch Hour Read, Ride to Restoration, A Short Romance

Today’s Free #qlhr Quick Lunch Hour Read, Ride to Restoration, A Short Romance

Ride to Restoration (Ride Series Book 2) by DJ. Wilson

This book picks up where Ride to Redemption left off but if you’ve not read that one this story can give you glimpses of what happened prior. Reading the first book will tell the whole story.  After reading the first book I became mesmerized. I finally figured out why. Just the way the story is told, some narrative, some subconscious thoughts really give you a feel for the characters.

This author reminds me SO much of Nelson DeMille and how his stories are told and evolve. Love the little remarks about ‘points’ just as DeMille in his books.

This book starts out in Canada and Vic and D are regrouping after Candi has left. Alternating chapters where Candi is in FL with her family and what’s going on in her life while we are along for another ride with Vic and D.   Love all the nature, travel, romance, scenery as it’s displayed in front of us, as if we can see it for ourselves. Love scenes and fun bantering throughout. All the new things on this extension of the journey, some new words for me to look up-love learning new words.

All the instances of paying it forward continue in this book.

I like series books but I need to read new things and this one delivers that and more. A different side to the main characters and you learn new things about them, their past, and their future.

Some series books I’ve read try to play catch up with the first book but they repeat enough of the back story so that it takes up 3/4 of the new book. This book is not like that. it’s all new material with just glimpses of the past so you are not left out in the dark. Can’t wait for the next one in this series.

I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review. 318 pages; 5 start rating out of 13; Also in paperback; #ShortRead  Ride to Restoration by DJ Wilson

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