Today’s Free #qlhr Quick Lunch Hour Read, Ruth Judges Joshua

Today’s Free #qlhr Quick Lunch Hour Read, Ruth Judges Joshua

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Ruth Judges Joshua: A Short Reads Novella

Reviewed By Johann David Renner

As I was reading this novella I was soon asking myself: how is this peculiar story going to end? Let me tell you. The ending, just as the entire story, is brilliant and utterly unpredictable.

A man and a woman find themselves stuck in an elevator. The emergency facilities that are meant to alert someone to rescue them don’t work.

As far as the values, beliefs – the personalities – of these two people are concerned, they could not be more contrasting, even conflicting. In their normal life, this man and this woman would hardly spent more than five minutes together.

But here they are: stuck in an elevator. They have no choice but to be together. What are they going to talk about? What are they going to do? Are they just going to sit there and wait? Are they trying to do the action movie hero stuff?

I could never forgive myself if I gave away even the slightest hint of what’s going on. The events that take place in this elevator are fast moving, they encompass the entire range of human emotions and ultimately, they are life changing for both the man and the woman, even a bit mysterious.

I enjoyed this book very much. It is one of those rare books that made me slow down my reading towards the end, because I didn’t want to arrive at the end. This is literary fiction at its best.  67 pages; 4.5 star rating; good reviews

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