Today’s Free #qllhr, Romance, Without a Clue by Pamela Wilder

Today’s Free #qllhr, Romance, Without a Clue by Pamela Wilder

Cover Without a Clue
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Romance: Without A Clue Contemporary Romance by Pamela Wilder

Romance; 50 Pages; Over 20 Reviews; 4.5 Stars

Reviewed By SGD on May 29, 2015

Intrigued of the title “without a clue” made me pick-up this book. This book contains a present-day romance story of the two amazing characters – Aden and Amelia. The author did the job well done writing an artful and exciting romance story. The line of the story is really great! I am fascinated with the ardent love of Aden to Amelia. This will really mellow your heart in tears and joy when the two begun to fall in love with each other and took their journeys further together. This is a worth reading book and time worthy. It’s lovely. I can’t wait to read the next book from the same author. I recommend this book to add in their collection of romance book! This kind is the one they can relate in their life in this present day

Publisher’s Note:  The reviews on this book are touching.  You somehow know it’s a special read by how the reviewers express the romantic involvement.  “Wonderful Romantic Love Story”

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