Today’s Free Short Read; Mystery, Something to Lose

Today’s Free Short Read; Mystery, Something to Lose

Something to Lose; Mystery

Mystery Suspense; New Author; 4.5 Stars; 307 Pages;

Reviewed By:  Hello-booklover

This was a great book. the whole revenge but love helps you to see that there is more to life and helps guide you to the better things. Although it works out in the end it is still great to see how someone entering your life can change your view on things. Lots of action.

Here Camden doesn’t trust herself with the decisions she makes feeling all decisions are bad. First Billy who puts her world into a topspin, than her friend Dave who endangers her and even to an extent Seth but his is unknowingly. Camden is a accountant who gets caught up in the underworld of the mafia by accident. Seth is the ex FBI agent who wants to take down that world. The two meet and instant sparks. while they are trying to forge a relationship, Billy goes missing, Camden talks to Dave about what she say, the mob boss Joey Capello visits Camden, Seth has feelings for Camden but is trying not to and Seth and Camden are put in danger. Lots to happen while falling in love.

Seth and Camden navigate through the danger but they get closer and Seth’s half truth hurts them. Kind of. He is a hero but forgets that things have changed. he tries to fight his attraction for Camden but can’t it isn’t until his grams talks to him that he has that aha moment and wants nothing but Camden.

A story of action and romance that will have you at the edge of your seat with the spinning of tales and hope that a happy ever after is in the cards for Seth and Camden

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