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Today’s #qlhr Quick Lunch Hour Read, The Jumper, Sensitive, 9/11 Story

9/11 The Jumper by Peter J. Andres

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One of a Kind! By Alan Charles

A friend recommended this book after he had read it, and I was intrigued by Anders’ powerful portrayal of those who `jumped’ or perhaps ‘fell’ to their deaths from the Word Trade Towers on September 11th. Anders is cautious about revealing his real feelings about the so-called `jumpers’, but this helps the work I think. The sense of time and chance are strong themes throughout the book, as Anders traces the last hours of the main character. I detected frankness about the way Anders told this story that was compelling and gripping to the end. The manner in which Anders creates a feel of everyday mundane events, which clashes with the tragic eventualities of the day, is excellently worked out, as is his use of symbolic references of `elevation’ and `descent’ which create a certain mystical element to the events. All in all this books is a one of a kind; it is the first to be written on this subject in this way; Anders seems like a master psychologist. It is also an ingenious little book about a very serious subject matter that should make people think again about this controversial aspect of the vents of 9/11. The awful horror of the ‘jumpers’ is something that will be imprinted in Western consciousness for a long time and it is as if Anders has had to wait this long to even attempt such an ambitious work. My only worry is could it have been a little longer? Well, maybe, but I think Anders covers all the bases in the short story format. People will enjoy this this little book by Peter J Anders, and I can thoroughly recommend it, as it is pitched at just the right level to deal with such a subject as this and manages to capture certain elements of the unsayable and the unthinkable in remarkable fashion. 21 Pages; 3 Star Rating; Controversy Fiction; 9/11 The Jumper; Short read

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