Today’s #qlhr Suggestion, Best Seller Messages by J.M. Hileman

Today’s #qlhr Suggestion, Best Seller Messages by J.M. Hileman

Messages (The David Chance Series Book 1) by John Michael Hileman

Reviewed by Karen B

It’s been awhile since I picked up a suspense book. But, when I discovered this book and read the description, I couldn’t click “buy now” fast enough. The opening chapter hooked me right away.

When David Chance–his name is PERFECT for this book–starts seeing messages from some supernatural source, his life turns upside down. He’s just an intern at a news channel who edits tapes. He’s not equipped for the dangerous situations he’s thrown into.

Yet, he feels a strong pulling to do what the messages tell him, while trying to figure out if they might be coming from God AND while trying to keep his family safe.

This book has many great twists and turns. It is a very well written suspense. For once, I did NOT have it totally figured out until the author wanted me to. To me, that’s the great suspense. I also liked that the author didn’t wrap up all the lose ends, but gave me enough to be satisfied with the conclusion of the story.

The characters were interesting. I got enough insight into their personalities to understand their motivation for what they did. Having Karen’s point of view also added insight into the drama unfolding, but it still left David the start of the novel.

There are strong Christian themes in the book, but they don’t overpower the story line. I think if I were in David’s shoes, I might ask many of the same questions.

If you like Christian Suspense, then I recommend picking up this book. You won’t be disappointed; Mystery; 4.5 star rating; best-seller

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