Today’s #qlhr The One Who Got Away, An International Crime Mystery

Today’s #qlhr The One Who Got Away, An International Crime Mystery

Book Cover The One Who Got Away
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The One Who Got Away by Amy Gamet, An International Crime Mystery

International crime mystery; 148 pages; 4 stars; Over 55 Reviews

Reviewed By Amazon Customer

Gwen Trueblood loves her husband David dearly even though he’s been gone for the last twelve years. Everything that Gwen thought she knew about her life with David comes to a crashing halt by learning that he was murdered. Now Gwen must confront the past with the present meaning she has to see Colin Mitchell. Colin Mitchell always wonders about Gwen Trueblood especially since David’s death. Colin finding Gwen on his doorstep claiming she believes that David was murdered. Colin digging into the past learns startling new facts that change his outlook and who he trusts. Was David really murdered? Will Colin allow his feelings for Gwen cloud the present? Can Gwen let go of the past? Your answers await you in The One Who Got Away.

I think the title of the book speaks for itself clearly. The story is unique, interesting, touching, and down to earth. The characters are bold, rich, honest, complex, and unique. I’m definitely going to be reading more of this author in the future.

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