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Today’s #qlhr Clifton Manor, Historical Fiction

Clifton Manor – Episode One by Victoria Spencer

Reviewed by Anthea R. Close

I was unsure at first whether I would enjoy this book but after a short while I got to enjoy the plot. I went on to buy the other books in this fascinating series. They are rather short and I read them in about 60 minutes and do wish that they could have been joined together to make a longer read. The plots are quite good and I have have to keep reading to find out what happens so quedos to the author. I have sympathy for quite a few of the characters and dislike for others, hoping they will eventually come to a bad end. This first book starts with one of the main characters who seems to have been quite a lady but evidently misfortunes have occurred and she apples for a position as assistant chef, so there is a mystery to be revealed there. All in all this book and others in the series are enjoyable.  4- Stars; 99 pages; 20 reviews; short read Clifton Manor, Episode One by Victoria Spencer


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