How to Travel the World on the Cheap, Book Recommendation

How to Travel the World on the Cheap, Book Recommendation

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Definitely a 5 Star Read – Wealth of Travel Information

This book provides insights on how to travel the world not just as a tourist, but as a “local” on the cheap.  Luxury options included.  Everything from Peer to Peer Travel to home exchange programs.  Hotels are now getting in on the latest ways people travel and the author includes these travel options as well.  World travel on the cheap is the ultimate goal.

The author, Nicholas Kontis, shares his experiences and encounters during his travels around the world.  He shows you how to benefit from the new travel platforms and travel apps which can make your travels so much easier. Kontis who was born in Santorini, Greece is also a guest writer for USA Today and Huntington Post Travel.

My biggest surprise is when I learned about micro camps sites where travelers travel the world and camp in host’s backyards as they make their way around the world.   Meal sharing was another favorite chapter in the book.  Learning how to cook and share meals with people in different parts of the world.

The book is a wealth of information and is a “MUST” read for travelers, especially budget-conscious travelers.  The book is on Free Book Promotion December 6th and 7th, 2016. All other times $2.99, Hardcopy $16.95.  Five-star ratings across the board.  Another method, of traveling for only the cost of transportation is discussed here.

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