Trivia Game Tuesday’s Love

Trivia Game Tuesday’s Love


Maria is Only 16 Years Old, Yet, Her Mother Has Demands Maria Refuses to Live With ………

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Escaping this life is often just a dream…..But not for Maria.

This non-sexual romance shares how one teen turns an emotional prison into financial success and escapes a life of sleeping with the Gringo. From the fear of death to freedom, Maria Lopez, half American, half Mexican works with her Gringo to escape her demanding and abusive mother. Maria, conceived during a convention of American Aerospace Engineers in a Mexican resort town, outsmarts her cruel mother but not before doing the same to others. An emotional roller coaster in the life of a young girl born into poverty with an exceptionally high IQ. Part fiction, part true. Amazing. Suitable for ages 16 and up. Underage teens should seek parental permission due to the mature nature of the story.


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