Trump, Russia, 2016 Election, What Happened? Book Recommendations

Trump, Russia, 2016 Election, What Happened? Book Recommendations

trump, russia 2016 election
Requires you to pre-order. Promises important information on the Trump-Putin connection.

There  is a lot of media surrounding the 2016 elections using the keywords Trump, Russia, and the elections.  To find out what the majority of Americans, who read, are thinking we found books on the 2016 election results on Amazon.  When you scroll down to locate the book’s ranking, you can determine how popular the subject and the books are. The lower the ranking the more popular the book.  It’s important to research several books with good reviews on the same topic.

This information is fairly reliable and is one way to compare American’s thoughts with their spending habits.  Americans want to know how Trump won the election. even Americans who voted Republican want to know the details. Continue below



Was the female gender discriminated against?  Probably, but more than likely that has nothing to do with the end result.  There is something far more powerful at stake here. The thing that concerns me most is “the reported” conflict between (President) Trump and the CIA, let’s hope this relationship levels out and soon.

Does this mean reporting issues or propaganda lead by a foreign government played a significant role in the results of a U.S. Presidential election?  Were electoral votes compromised in any way? No,
Were the minds of voters tampered with using false news?  We already know there were false, fake and incorrect news reports online.  What We Know was reported by the New York Times and it looks like Russia hacked the Democratic’s emails and distributed the content online for everyone to see.  This, in turn, may have caused a negative domino effect for the Democratic front-runner.
Here’s the thing.  If an American group hacked and distributed the emails, they could be held accountable and would likely go to prison, but when people from a foreign government do the hacking . . . . . .  well, that’s a different story.

Books Recommendations Trump, Russia 2016 Election

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