Trump Uses Old-School Conflict Resolution Techniques You Gatta Laugh

Trump Uses Old-School Conflict Resolution Techniques You Gatta Laugh

If you’ve been paying attention then you should already realize our new President, picks a fight when he’s employing conflict resolution. He’s “old school,” that’s how they did things back in the day, and in some parts of the world, this practice still exists.


There is an art to “old school” conflict resolution.


First, you pick the fight, sometimes by talking about somebody’s mama.


Second, you make a lot of insults like you’re getting ready to compete for the heavyweight boxing championship.


While all this is going on, the truth about what is really happening comes out.  You’ll only see and know the truth IF you don’t get caught up in the BS.  Pay attention people.  These conflicts are real and it appears that he loves to expose them.  Because he’s a billionaire, himself, even Amazon wasn’t too big for him to take a jab at.


I’m just a blogger and I see the pattern.  Okay, maybe I’m old enough to remember the “old-school” techniques.


Prez loves Twitter because he can jab you with a comment anytime a thought comes to his mind.  Let’s just hope he thinks the insult all the way through before he tweets.


Watch in a month or two, there will be another major conflict. Anytime, you can afford to buy an NFL team, they too are just a toy.  The joy is in messing with the millions of fans.  This is how he does things.  “Old school.” #IHatePolitics


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