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Understanding Other Cultures Increases Intelligence

Americans are known around the world as being intelligent and extremely knowledgeable.  In fact many intelligent foreigners treat American like a well tuned Porsche on the open highway.  They do everything in their power to “pass up” an American.

Based on true facts; fiction added for effects. 21 Pages; Reviews include words such as: interesting and gripping; held my attention; threats, implications and resolutions in a timely story, spellbinding

Yet there is one area where mainstream Americans may be missing the boat.  Understanding the cultural differences between Muslim and Christians is crucial in preserving inner-peace within ourselves.  Too many of us may have taken the side of  mainstream news and accepted un-truths  which have been feed to us.   Not to blame Americans, we’re busy people.  We are busy earning a living, raising a family, going to school and managing our finances and careers.  We rely on our news-media, movies and TV shows to provide us with the details of what’s happening in the world.

Many Americans read to learn what’s happening and this is the group, Sandy Ingram targeted to help Americans understand the extreme pressure young Muslim men are under in America.  “The Third Child”  a short read with a 4-star rating, tells of a young man who experiences the pressures of being an American citizen in a Muslim religion.  The main character contacts the CIA for help.  The book is excellent for teens and adults because it shares different perspective of  parents and children in Muslim-American families.  Based on National Security, this is a great read for older teens, college students and parent.   Based on true facts; fiction added for effects.  21 Pages; 4-Star Reviews include words such as:  interesting and gripping; held my attention; threats, implications and resolutions in a timely story, spellbinding.  The Third Child, use your Kindle Unlimited Account and download today.

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