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One of the best ways to build web traffic is to automate the process, especially if you’re a one-person startup.  In fact, if you work alone, automation is basically your  only workable solution.  There is way too much work for one person.  There are dozens of major web traffic channels.  To utilize each channel would take more man hours than you have in a day.


There are a great many ways to automate your traffic, this page shares a few of the more affordable and effective ways for site owners, affiliates and small business owners to automate web traffic task.


First we’ll start with creating content for your site or blog using Content Curation Software.  This is one of the most affordable and easy to use software programs that we found.  The cost range from Free to $5 a month and includes the ability to gather content from sources such as:Google Blogs,Google News,Google Books,Google Plus,Flickr,Twitter, any RSS Feed, Youtube  Amazon, Ebay and more, saving you hours of time Over 28,000 users and growing.


We almost always recommend web based applications to downloadable software options for security reasons.

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