How to Web Traffic Series for Beginners

How to Web Traffic Series for Beginners

Learning how to generate web traffic is no easy task until you learn the basics of how Internet Marketing works. Once you learn, you can write your own bank deposits once you combine information with “your” abilities. There are literally thousands of people either sharing or selling information on how to get more web traffic.  This is an important subject because, without web traffic, nothing happens.


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Richard C. Carson and Sandy Ingram realized the need for reliable, affordable, and easy to understand training on generating thousands to hundreds of thousands of web visitors, using legal, free to low-cost, techniques.


case studies successful web sites trafficBook I – Sites That Earn Over $1000 a Month How They Get Web Traffic Shares details from sixteen different website owners on how they earn over $1000 a month and how they get web traffic and what they do to make their websites successful.






getting web traffic from facebookWeb Traffic Series 2 This book shares how professional web traffic engineers, with little money, target up to one million potential clients a week, for free. How to grow your reach to 500,000+ potential clients using Facebook.  How to comply with FB’s TOS and still reach a vast number of people each week.




getting social media web trafficBook III = Social Media Your Way:  Fast, Easy, and Effective Web Traffic Series Book III  The best and most reliable ways to target free web traffic. Information, you can find almost anywhere. What you can’t find is how to combine, automate and systematize the Social Media web traffic for one person startups. Learn how to complete the task in less than ten minutes a day.

This web traffic series is great for beginners:

  • Easy to read and understand
  • No bull, only documented facts
  • Easy, safe and reliable online platforms
  • Low cost to no cost web traffic options:

Beginners may also benefit from the book Internet Marketing for One Person Startups by C. Ingram, RTRP.

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