What If History Is Wrong? The CIA and the FBI Investigated

What If History Is Wrong? The CIA and the FBI Investigated

Conspiracy theories are a part of life and sometimes the rumors become so loud  government agencies are forced to investigate to be sure history is written correctly.

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This is the case with Hitler and the date of his actual death.  We all have learned in school that Hitler died in the bunker in 1945.  This was on our history test and most of us gave the answer that was expected of us.


Yet, for decades there’s been loud and consistent rumors that Hitler didn’t die in the bunker.  When the skull the Russians claimed to be that of Hitler turned out to be the skull of a woman the rumors got even louder. Reference

The author of the Osei International Book Series took the rumors one step further.  She placed the consistent rumors into a CIA thriller which questions almost every aspect of what we’ve been told about Hitler’s death and what really happened to him.

Fiction?  Yes, however, believable, suspenseful fiction that some readers have called a page-turner.  Ingram says she broke the story up into 5 books because it would have taken 5 years to write the entire book.  The research for the book series was massive and extensive.  Yet, it’s still fiction, believable political fiction. Example of Research for Book

Book I is always free and can be downloaded directly from the Kindle Store on Amazon.  The book can be read on any mobile device and has dipped in and out of the best seller category for the last three years.   Go here:  Download Book I.

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