What is a Mystery Thriller?

What is a Mystery Thriller?

A mystery is a puzzling crime that is difficult to understand. The definition of a mystery is a novel, short story, play, or film whose plot involves a crime or other event that remains puzzlingly unsettled until the very end:

The best authors create scenarios where the reader doesn’t have a clue who did what until the end of the book when readers are either surprised or disappointed or perplexed by the outcome.

I suspect staying close to human nature and the personal desires and goals of the readers are the keys to a successful ending.

“Thrillers are characterized and defined by the moods they elicit, giving viewers heightened feelings of suspense, excitement, surprise, anticipation, and anxiety.”  Continue below

When an author combines different moods with a puzzling plot you get a mystery thriller.

When an author adds the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA to the book description you get a CIA mystery thriller.

Sandy Ingram has done just that. In the Osei International Book Series, she lays the background of the three main characters very carefully, as she unfolds the master plot. Each book in the series can stand alone but is far more interesting when reading a series.

Osei is well educated in New Zeland in computer science. In fact, he is so talented in the field he wins a prestigious award. This is how the terrorist in his homeland come to know of his talents.

The U.S. education community is equally impressed with his abilities and offers him a teaching position at MIT. This is where the thriller begins. To get his attention the terrorist who is a real group in today’s society, kidnap his family in Nigeria in exchange for advance computer hacking skills. Book I – Always Free

Osei, who is not sure what to do. He contacts the CIA. Thus the beginning of a long journey.

The CIA is like no other government agency when it comes to recruitment. The Agency has been known for studying the human behavior of certain recruits. The twist and turns, the reader’s emotions are pulled, smoothed over then reignited in this easy to follow thriller.

Romance is certainly a part of the entire series, yet doesn’t overtake the plot. Join the author Sandy Ingram and readers on the journey which will surely introduce excitement and intellectual entertainment. A Member of the #CommuteRead Collection

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