What Makes a Bestseller? One Author’s Ideas

What Makes a Bestseller? One Author’s Ideas

I realized ten years prior to my scheduled retirement that I would need to relocate in order to have a rich and fulfilling retirement. I decided to move offshore and live well on less in a developing country.

I decided to move just south of the Tijuana border between Rosarito and Ensenada. I would be close to the U.S. border and could travel into San Diego once or twice a month.

At the last moment, I changed the destination to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. I’m not exactly sure why except it was proven fact I would rarely if ever need a heater in Puerto Vallarta, maybe air-conditioning, but never a heater.

I’d visited both areas before my retirement date, and felt comfortable with either location.

I made the right choice for my lifestyle. Now all I had to do was learn how to write a better book. This was hard, I was the worst speller in the world and on some days, I’d stumble through the day without writing anything useful.

I needed a good writing course, practice, and confidence. I found my first writing course on Linda.com. The instructor was a world-renowned author and she did a wonderful job in teaching online.

Five years later, I can say, I have lots of practice and my confidence level is increasing as my book sales increases, yet I have a long way to go. Am I a good writer?

The definition of a good fictional writer, for me, is someone who can transplant the reader’s mind from their own life into the pages and lives of the characters in the book, all while holding the reader’s attention.

Have I left too much to the reader’s imagination or have I provided enough details to make the reader comfortable with the character’s environment? These are questions good authors ask themselves.

Did I provide a solid foundation and background from which the reader can feel involved and vested in the characters?

My Book I of the Osei International Book Series has reached the best seller category a number of times, and I truly appreciate the interest readers have shown, however, the book is permanently free so I don’t get too excited over the bestseller category.

The question for me is and always will be; Have I provided a great reading experience? You be the judge? Download Book I of the Osei International Book Series now. If you like where the book is headed download the entire series.

Book II revolves around training at “the Farm,” the CIA’s training facility. Book II is the book which lays the foundation for really exciting things to happen in Books III, IV and soon Book V.

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