Why Book Promotion Sites are So Popular

Why Book Promotion Sites are So Popular


Why Book Recommendation Sites Are So Popular

If you don’t know the exact keywords to locate specific book categories on Amazon, you’ll end up with an abundance of unedited books with little to no quality. This is the number one reason, book recommendation sites are so populate and boast about hundreds of thousands of followers. We are no exception. Providing great book recommendations is an art. It takes more than just a lot of book reviews, the reviews must be consistent and substantial.

If you put in the word “romance” into the Amazon search box, you’ll end up with an assortment of books which may not suite your taste. The same goes for the keyword “mystery.” Amazon has well over a 100 different categories including fiction and non-fiction. To find exactly what you’re looking for you must be in sync with the keywords the author uses. Contemporary women, historical fiction, spiritual books vs. religious books, romance vs. light romance, its easy to end up in the wrong category.

Thus there is plenty of room for book recommendation sites. Follow us for free mystery and romance books each day, sometimes twice a day. All of our recommendations are free to 99 cents – entertainment on a budget.

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