Why It’s Important to Find Positive Stress Reducing Diversions

Why It’s Important to Find Positive Stress Reducing Diversions

Novels and short stories are considered entertainment which allows readers to escape. Fort360-kindle-while-traveling-4-take-all-your-good-books-on-vacation centuries, readers had to purchase a hardcover book or a paperback to participate in one of American’s number one past-times. Then came the Internet, and with it came a whole new era of entertainment.

When you look at the overall picture you clearly see that the industry of entertainment has expanded.  Online games, e-books, and e-articles, all fit into the category of being a diversion.

An exciting romance mystery with an International twist.

When used as a noun, the word “diversion” means a change in a course or path.  Other words associated with the word “diversion” in the Thesaurus are the words: Aberration, alteration, deflection, departure, detour, deviation, fake out, turning, variation.  Each of the words has a common denominator; depart from what is normal.  This is what entertainment does for the mind.  It helps you to depart from your normal life.  It gives you a mental, emotional and spiritual break from your normal path.

Great diversions are often times something to look forward to.  Having something to look forward helps to eliminate spiritual and mental depression.  The more we have to look forward to, the healthier our lives.  Even if our escape from our normal lives is a 99 cents Kindle Book, it’s still important and provides great benefits in helping us cope with our everyday lives.

A good novel, which we can’t put down, or that we don’t want to put down until you’ve read the last page, is a small entertainment joy that millions of Americans enjoy every second of every day.  Now that research has proven that reading reduces stress, short stories and e-Readers are becoming even more popular.  For readers who don’t have an e-Reader, they can download the free app in the Kindle Store and read e-books on their laptop and desktop.

Reading is communicating, and when you can get to know a character, a story, a situation, which takes you away from your everyday life, this is a good thing.  This holds true if your book is fiction or non-fiction.  There are many people who get excited about learning something new.  A non-fiction book affords readers a time when they are not only entertained but gain more information and knowledge about a particular subject.

The burden to select the best book and diversion is on the reader.  The burden to provide an engaging book is the author and is one of the most important tasks that an author has.

There are over 3.3 million searches EACH month on Google using the keywords: short story.   Keywords which are gaining in popularity are:  mini-stories and micro-stories

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