Why Would Anyone Include Hitler in a CIA Suspense Thriller? It Turns Out, There’s a Valid Reason

Why Would Anyone Include Hitler in a CIA Suspense Thriller? It Turns Out, There’s a Valid Reason

The reason Hitler keeps popping up in fiction, the home page of AOL and other major portals is because there is reliable information, documentation and classified files which strongly suggest Hitler did not die in 1945.

Yes, it could be an “Elvis Presley” sighting type event. Regardless if Hitler died in 1945 or 1965 is basically illrevelant in the minds of many.
To be honest, Hitler in fiction brings a certain element of evil and entertainment to a book, TV show or movie, this is no doubt why AOL keeps featuring Hitler’s baby picture and asking “Do you know who this cute little boy grew up to be?”  If the article weren’t getting hundreds of thousands of hits, AOL wouldn’t keep repeating the article. AOL makes money from advertising.  You only promote content which brings in major traffic to support your $25,000 and up, ad campaigns.
osei international book series
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My Book Research

As for how Hitler ended up on the pages of the Osei International Book Series, that’s easy.  When doing research for the book outline, I was determined to make the series different than what had been seen before.  I( decided that the best way to do that was to take history and wrap it up in fiction (entertainment)  Funny thing happened during my research.
  1.  I found out the U.S. government brought hundreds of Hitler’s scientists and aerospace scientists into the United States under a program called Operation Paperclip
  2. These same aerospace scientists played an important role in the development of the U.S. space program, and one even went on to become a Director of one of the Space Centers.  This information is confirmed and available for U.S. citizens to view.
  3. The CIA’s job is to gather information for the purpose keeping the country safe. Did they know the German leader was still alive?  According to my book series, they know everything.

It didn’t take long before I saw fiction waiting to happen.  Osei the main character, and his analysis,

osei internatiional book series
It’s Book 4 that reveals the truth wrapped around fiction. Information on what happened after World War II and how it has affected our lives today.

Ben,  who work the cyber-crime unit within the CIA, you know the unit they forgot to tell Congress about, end up on an International terrorist case involving Hitler sympathizers who develop a virus which will kill only certain groups of people.

It was at this point that I found documentation which not only suggested but supported facts of Hitler’s life after the War.  Imagine my surprise, they told me in junior high school that Hitler died in 1945. I.m not sure who’s telling the truth.

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