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Word Recognition Curriculum Helps Keep Kids Interested in Reading

word recognition for kids

Reading by phonics is difficult for some children.  In order for phonics to be effective in a child’s life, the child must remember “all” the rules associated with phonics.  For some children this doesn’t happen soon enough.  The child may feel frustrated and begin to memorize words in order to stay afloat.  This is NOT an uncommon practice for children.

Teachers who incorporate “word recognition” as a part of the reading lessons are doing a great service to children who just can’t remember all those rules.  You know rules like: Continue below:

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  • When a vowel is followed by an r in the same syllable, that vowel is “r-controlled” and is no longer short
  • Or, when the letter c is followed by the vowels e, i or y, it usually makes its soft sound. word recognitionExamples of that are cent, circus and cytoplasm. The letter c also makes a hard sound, as in cat and cocoa.

These rules are usually not introduced until the child is older, however the sounds the alphabet make and the way the word reads doesn’t always work and smart kids realize this long before they know “all” the rules associated with phonics.

When a child can read a word for themselves, it empowers them.  When they read a word wrong because of all  those different rules in phonics, it perplexes them.

word recognition.2Teachers often include worksheets like the examples on this page in the curriculum..  These popular worksheets include a word and somewhere on the page is an image that matches the word. Children are instructed to draw a line between the image and the word.

Below are “word recognition” book suggestions for preschool and kindergarten children  Each of these books are free with Kindle Unlimited which you can try for free for 30 days.








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