Young Adult Books

Young Adult Books

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Life lessons, entertaining, reads for young adults and teens, ages 14 and up.


Easy to read, cute and oftentimes funny life hacking tips for teens. Because your parents have forgotten what it’s like to be a teenager.  Regardless if your family is dysfunctional or not, this book will provide you with tips to last you a lifetime.

The Third Child helps teens and YA understand the hardships other teens from different backgrounds and religions sometimes go through. Based on true events this young college student is pulled into terrifying circumstances. An International mystery, suitable for ages 14 and up. The story begins in the U.S. and travels to Egypt before ending up in Israel before returning home. The reader is never really sure if the main character will be safe or not. The CIA is called in and everything changes. Thankfully there is no direct loss of life.


Recommended for 16 years of age and up, with parent’s permission.  The hard facts about life for teens born into poor families in poor countries.  Book will help teens to appreciate their lifestyle and understand life economics on an International level.
College is expensive and even when it’s not, there are alternatives to earning a high income with or without a degree.  College is always the better choice when preparing for life, yet when finances are a major issue, there are alternatives.


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