How Young Children Learn to Count, the Concept

How Young Children Learn to Count, the Concept

counting for young children
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Does your child remember the sequence of numbers to ten or even twenty, yet you’re not sure if they understand what each of the numbers represent?  It’s common in children ages two and three to remember the numbers in perfect sequence, however, if you present the numbers to the child out of sequence, you may find the child isn’t sure.

It’s the preschool teacher’s job to instruct and teach your child.  It’s the parent’s job to make sure the child understands what the teacher has shared with the class.  In a world where there are only ten to twelve children in the class, this wouldn’t be a required task for parents  In today’s public school systems the number of children in the class far exceeds 12 children, even with one teacher and one teacher’s aid. it’s still difficult for young children to concentrate with that many children.

Your child may not get all of the attention they need to grasp new concepts and ideas.  Children are individuals and learn differently. Some children, learn four different ways; by visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile.memory.It’s difficult for a teacher to address the learning style for each child…Parents may want to sign up Amazon’s Read-All-You-Can Program for $9.99 a month.  The program is called Kindle Unlimited.


Book Recommendations for Learning to Count for Young Children


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